Telenor contributes to elevate the Copenhagen Marathon to new heights in 2018

06. juli 2017   |   Sparta Athletics & Sports  |  Flere pressemeddelelser

Telenor will again be the main sponsor for the Copenhagen Marathon in 2018. This is good news for the capitol’s marathon, since it has a 3-year development strategy that seeks to elevate the race to new heights. Within that process it is important to have a main sponsor of Telenor’s calibre, who, in particular, can contribute to a digital boost of the race.

Telenor and Sparta will join forces again to create the world’s most digital marathon. It is the third time that Telenor will be the main sponsor on the Telenor Copenhagen Marathon, which attracts more than 10,000 runners and 100,000 spectators along the course. In 2017, the Telenor Copenhagen Marathon launched several new digital steps, which made it easier for both the runners and the spectators to experience the race digitally. E.g.  as a spectator, you could follow your favourite runner in real time at home through app and pc and see how far they had reached, if they kept the pace and see him or her run through the four livezones (a new streaming feature) on the course as they did it.

”It makes perfect sense for us to be the main sponsor of the Telenor Copenhagen Marathon, since we as a company is deeply involved in the quest to accommodate the customers’ digital wishes. Through our cooperation with Sparta, we can see that races will become more and more digital and therefore we are very happy to continue to secure the digital user experience of the race for participants and spectators,” Lars Thomsen, Commercial Director, Telenor.

Telenor had, among other things, top-tuned the wireless network during the race in 2017 with a 22 meters high extra cell tower to accommodate the demands of the runners and spectators in the start and finish area, so that they could easily use all the new digital features at the marathon.

It benefits the opportunity to comply with the development strategy

The organisers fell a great satisfaction with the fact that it is Telenor, who are the main sponsors of the race. Because, there is a clear 3-year development strategy for the Telenor Copenhagen Marathon, which should bring the race to new and higher level, and in order to reach this, it is of great importance to have a main sponsor of Telenor’s calibre.

”We are really happy about the fact that Telenor has chosen to continue their cooperation with us. Firstly, it gives us the peace and continuity to develop the race in accordance with the 3-year plan we have made, which should lift the race to an international elite status and give the capitol a bigger ownership of the race. Secondly, We have had a great cooperation with Telenor, who, as main sponsors, has constantly pushed for a demand of development within the digital experience of the race. Together we have a clear goal about setting the course for the world’s best digital marathon, which we now have the opportunity to further develop in 2018,” Dorte Vibjerg, Director, Sparta Athletics & Sports.

In 2018, the Telenor Copenhagen Marathon is a week before the previous years and takes place on Sunday, May 13th.

Registration is expected to open on October 1st 2017

Partners and sponsors

Sparta Athletics & Sports has since 1980 organised the CopenhagenMarathon. This has only been made possible due to a series of sponsors and cooperation.

Main sponsor: Telenor

Sponsors: Nike, Marathon Sport, High5, BMW and Erdinger Alkoholfrei

Partners: Wonderful Copenhagen, the Municipal of Copenhagen, the Municipal of Frederiksberg and the Danish Athletics Federation.

Media partner: Politiken


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