New race records expected at the Telenor CPH Marathon

18. maj 2017     |  Flere pressemeddelelser

A strong field of elite runners will be lining up at the Telenor Copenhagen Marathon on Sunday May 21st. Organisers believe that the level suffice for a new women’s and men’s race records and perhaps even the fastest time in on Danish soil.

When the 38th edition of the Telenor Copenhagen Marathon commences on Sunday May 21st at Islands Brygge, it will be with a very strong elite field at the starting line. The chances of seeing new race records for both men and women – and perhaps even the fastest marathon time ever on Danish soil – are real.

”Potentially there are five athletes, who are faster than the current race record of 2:14,16. There are also two females who would be able to beat the current women’s race record of 2:30,51. Obviously, this will require that everything goes according to plan and that the athletes are at the peak of their form. The course is good, and the runners have previously proven that they have got what it takes. If everything comes together, we could be looking at the fastest marathon time ever on Danish soil, which is a sub 2:10,37 time”, says Henrik Paulsen, Sports Manager at Sparta Athletics and Running.

The Elite field could have a future star

The strong elite field is a result of the attempt by the Telenor Copenhagen Marathon organizers to achieve the IAAF Road Race Bronze Label. That is why Henrik Paulsen, responsible for the elite at the Telenor Copenhagen Marathon, has had a strong focus on Kenya and Ethiopia in his search for fast runners.

”There is no doubt, that if we achieve a race record on Sunday it will either be a runner from Ethiopia or Kenya. Even though we are not able to attract the absolute elite to our race yet, this year’s level is still very impressive, and I’m very satisfied with the elite field that will be at the starting line on Sunday, because it is the strongest field we have had to date at the Telenor Copenhagen Marathon”, says Henrik Paulsen.

Jeppe Weinrich, publicity manager at the Danish Athletics Federation, draws on a strong insight in the international running scene when agreeing with that assessment and he does not, for one second, doubt that the race on Sunday will be very fast, if the weather allows it.

“This year’s elite field reflects the all dominating position that Ethiopia and Kenya have when it comes to marathons at the moment. It is no easy task to point out a single favourite this year, yet if anything speaks for a race record, it is the size of the elite field. There could easily be a future star hidden within the many relatively unknown names”, says Jeppe Weinrich.

Partners and Sponsors at the Telenor Copenhagen Marathon

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