New race record at Telenor CPH Marathon

19. maj 2017     |  Flere pressemeddelelser

The 30 year old race record saw its last day in the sun as it was finally beaten in todays Telenor Copenhagen Marathon.

Julius Ndirtu Karinga (Kenya) spent all of 2:12:11 running the 42,195 km through much of Copenhagen and Frederiksberg which equates to 3:07 for each kilometer completed.With this performance he eradicated the 30 year old race record set by Svend Erik Kristensen in 1987 and at the same time Telenor Copenhagen Marathon reached one of their biggest goals of the race.

”It is a crutial element to Telenor Copenhagen Marathon, reaching the goal of the International Association of Athletics Federations Road Race Bronze Label.It is pivotal to the future of the race that Julius Ndirtu Karinga finished in the great time that he did and it shows that we are on the right track” says Dorthe Vibjerg, Race Director for Sparta.

On the right path

Julius Ndiritu Karinga was on the path to victory right from the begging and the elite runners passed the half marathon mark at 1:06:00 just as planned. At 30 kilometers the winning Karinga along with Alex Bartilol took the lead and by 35 kilometers Karinge took the lead for himself. Both finished in a time better than the old race record as Alex Bartilol also from Kenya crossed the finish line in 2:12:38.

”It shows that the field of elite runners was the strongest we ever had at Telenor Copenhagen Marathon and it's a trend we expect to continue in the comming years. This years race was fast and very enjoyable to watch and we hope to see more of the same in the future” says Dorthe Vibjerg.

It may very well be with race winner Julius Ndiritu Karinga in the starting lineup as he said just after finishing that he would love to come back next year and finish in under 2:10:00.You can read more about Telenor Copenhagen Marathon here where you also will find the results.


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