Kopi Af: AdaptVac’s ground-breaking technology central to new €2.7M EU grant funded COVID-19 vaccine effort

09. marts 2020     |  Flere pressemeddelelser

Hørsholm, Denmark, March 09, 2020 – AdaptVac announces that the company, as part of the PREVENT-nCoV consortium, has won a Horizon 2020 EU grant with total value of €2.7M. AdaptVac’s universal viral Capsid-Like Particle (CLP) will be employed to deliver an optimal vaccine against the SARS-CoV-2 virus ( COVID-19). The ambitious goal is to have the vaccine complete initial human clinical testing to show safety and efficacy within 12 months.

“The unique strength of our technology is that it makes any vaccine look like a virus to the body’s immune system, giving the optimal stimulus to generate a fast immune response, followed by long-lasting and highly-efficacious protection. It therefore works on a similar principle to the very successful US FDA and European EMA approved HPV vaccine. We strongly believe that this technology will be a key player in global emergencies, such as the COVID 19 epidemic” says Wian de Jongh, AdaptVac’s CEO.

The consortium members are AdaptVac; Institute for Tropical Medicine (ITM) at University of Tübingen; Department of Medical Microbiology, Leiden University Medical Center; Department of Immunology and Microbiology, University of Copenhagen; ExpreS2ion Biotechnologies; and Laboratory of Virology, Wageningen University. The consortium members are world-leading experts in their respective fields, covering all relevant areas of viral research and vaccine development required for rapid clinical development of a COVID-19 vaccine.

Ability to Adapt to potential viral mutations

COVID-19 mutations can lead to vaccines currently being developed having reduced efficacy, similar to new flu strains reducing flu vaccine protection. AdaptVac’s viral capsid-like particle allows us to quickly adapt the vaccine to viral mutations. The two-component vaccine design means that we can use the same CLP, and only modify the viral protein antigen to match any newly emerged mutant viral strains.

Synergy with DNA/RNA vaccine approaches

Several groups are developing COVID-19 vaccines based on DNA or RNA approaches. Our CLP approach  would activate the immune system in a different, and potentially synergistic manner. A combination could lead to improved efficacy over a DNA/RNA vaccine alone, as well as improved longevity of protection. AdaptVac plans to reach out to these groups to investigate such a collaboration.

Support for AdaptVac’s pipeline projects, such as AV001 HER2+ cancer immunotherapy

This grant supports production of the needed clinical supply of viral Capsid-like Particles. This CLP forms the universal building block for all our vaccines. Also, due to the very high yield of our production process, we expect to have enough CLP available to support the needed supply for our next clinical projects, such as AV001. The COVID-19 project therefore not only clinically proves our platform CLP technology, but also reduces the cost of our next clinical projects.

About AdaptVac ApS

AdaptVac is a joint venture between ExpreS2ion Biotechnologies and NextGen Vaccines, combining ExpreS2ion’s platform with novel proprietary and ground-breaking viral capsid-like particle (CLP) technology developed at the University of Copenhagen. The Company aims to accelerate the development of highly efficient therapeutic and prophylactic vaccines within high value segments of oncology, infectious diseases and immunological disorders.

For further information about AdaptVac Aps, please contact:

Dr. Wian de Jongh, CEO
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Wian de Jongh

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