AdaptVac receives Industrial Post-Doctoral grant to support AV001 pre-clinical development

20. december 2018   |   AdaptVac  |  Flere pressemeddelelser

Hørsholm, Denmark, December 20, 2018 – AdaptVac announces that it has been awarded an Industrial grant by the Danish Innovation Foundation worth 1.2M DKK. The grant supports a three-year Ind. Post-Doctoral project focused on demonstrating AV001 as a safe and effective treatment for pet dogs diagnosed with HER2+ cancer. This project forms part of AV001’s pre-clinical development in support of AdaptVac’s human clinical development program.

“We are particularly excited by the prospect of proving efficacy in pet dogs diagnosed with HER2+ cancer, as this will offer strong support regarding the safety and efficacy of our human vaccine candidate. This project is also important in its own right, as it could provide an improved treatment for pet dogs currently lacking treatment options, and provide AdaptVac with the possibility of an early sale of the veterinary applications of AV001 to a large veterinary company.”, says Dr. Wian de Jongh, AdaptVac’s CEO.

Supporting AdaptVac’s HER2+ clinical development program by establishing safety and efficacy in pet dogs
As part of the Ind. Post-Doctoral project, AdaptVac will establish efficacy of AV001 in pet dogs with HER2+ metastatic mammary cancer. There is a strong rational for this study as dogs develop cancer similarly to humans with very similar HER2 DNA sequences, and currently lack targeted therapies. AdaptVac´s vaccine can thus treat both dogs and humans with HER2+ cancer. Dogs constitute an ideal safety and efficacy model that will support the company´s regulatory filings for a first in man study, while at the same time constituting proof-of-concept for a HER2+ canine cancer vaccine treatment.

“Our collaboration with the department of Internal Medicine, Clinical Oncology and Veterinary Clinical Pathology at University of Copenhagen is of major importance for the feasibility of this project. In particular, the department, which comprises the University Hospital for Companion Animals, has great expertise in veterinary oncology and offers unique access to dogs with HER2+ cancer”, says Dr. Adam Frederik Sander Bertelsen, CSO.

Potential for early sale of veterinary HER2+ canine cancer therapy to support human clinical development costs

The potential market for a HER2+ canine cancer vaccine, with more than 6 million dogs each year developing cancer in the US alone, is significant and growing (doi: 10.3389/fimmu.2018.00133). HER2 incidence is also high, e.g. canine osteosarcoma >70%, and 22% in canine mammary cancer. AdaptVac plans to sell the HER2+ veterinary application to a large veterinary company upon successful proof-of-concept in dogs. The potential value of a HER2+ canine cancer vaccine can be benchmarked to the 2014 Advaxis/Aratana deal for a HER2+ veterinary vaccine, which had an accumulated value in the double digit million dollar range for a deal based on a HER2+ vaccine and three additional undisclosed potential cancer targets (

Strong market potential in breast cancer
Breast cancer is a widespread oncology indication affecting more than 1.3 million worldwide annually, resulting in more than 450,000 deaths (Tao, 2015: The most common treatment today is based on monoclonal antibodies, where the dominating therapy HERCEPTIN (trastuzumab) generates annual global sales of US$ 7 billion. The target product profile of AdaptVac's lead breast cancer project is tailored to be highly competitive both in terms of cost and efficacy, thus aiming at a significant market share.

About AdaptVac ApS
AdaptVac is a joint venture between ExpreS2ion Biotechnologies and NextGen Vaccines, combining ExpreS2ion’s platform with novel proprietary and ground-breaking Virus-Like Particle (VLP) technology, developed at the University of Copenhagen. The company aims to accelerate the development of highly efficient therapeutic and prophylactic vaccines within high value segments of oncology, infectious diseases and immunological disorders.

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